Hyundai TV Service Menu Codes & Instructions [Latest 2024]

In today’s tech-savvy world, our television sets have become more than just entertainment hubs; they are smart, multifunctional devices with a wide array of features. For Hyundai TV owners, understanding and accessing the service menu can be a game-changer. In this guide, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about Hyundai TV service menu codes and instructions for 2023.

Understanding Hyundai TV Service Menu

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of service menu codes and instructions, let’s get a clear picture of what the service menu actually is. Think of it as the TV’s control center, where you can tweak and fine-tune various settings. But before you rush in, a word of caution: accessing the service menu should be done with care, as improper adjustments can lead to issues. So, why should you bother with it?

Accessing Hyundai TV Service Menu

Now that you understand the importance of the service menu, let’s learn how to access it. Hyundai TVs offer multiple methods, ensuring you have options based on your preferences.

Method 1: Remote Control Access

  • To access the service menu using your remote control, press the {MUTE}, {MENU}, {OK}, and {SLEEP} buttons consecutively.
  • The Service Menu will appear, giving you access to a world of customization possibilities.
  • To exit, simply turn off the TV.

Method 2: Remote Control Shortcut

  • Another way to access the service menu is by using the remote control. Press the {MENU}, {4}, {7}, {2}, and {5} buttons in sequence.
  • You’ll see four menus available: Display, Calibration, Deinterlacer, and Factory Settings.
  • Use the {LEFT} and {RIGHT} buttons to select a menu, then navigate further using the {UP} and {DOWN} buttons.
  • To make changes, press {LEFT}, {RIGHT}, or {OK}.
  • Exit by pressing the {MENU} button.

Method 3: A Quirky Combination

  • If you prefer a quirky approach, press the {MENU}, {SAP}, {SLEEP}, and {MAGIC} buttons on your remote control.
  • The Service Menu will appear, granting you access to advanced settings.
  • To exit, simply turn off the TV.

Method 4: Button Combo

  • For those who like a bit of mystery, try pressing the {CAPS} and {REVEAL} buttons on your remote.
  • The Service Menu will materialize, and you can navigate through it using the {REVEAL} button.
  • Use {P +} and {P -} to select items, and {VOL+} and {VOL-} to make changes.
  • Save your changes and exit by pressing the {OK} button.

Navigating the Service Menu

Once you’re inside the service menu, it’s essential to know your way around. The menu is your control panel for tweaking various aspects of your TV.

  • Picture Settings: Adjust brightness, contrast, color, and other visual aspects.
  • Audio Settings: Fine-tune audio quality, balance, and surround sound.
  • Network Settings: Troubleshoot and configure your TV’s network connectivity.
  • System Information: Check your TV’s firmware version and hardware details.
  • Advanced Settings: Explore advanced options for power users.


In conclusion, understanding Hyundai TV service menu codes and instructions for 2023 can empower you to optimize your TV experience. Remember to use this knowledge responsibly, and don’t hesitate to explore the endless possibilities within your TV’s service menu.

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