Mitsubishi TV Service Menu Codes & How to Access

In the realm of television technology, Mitsubishi has a history of delivering innovation and quality. But did you know that beneath the surface of your Mitsubishi TV lies a realm of advanced settings waiting to be explored? Welcome to the Mitsubishi TV Service Menu, a well-kept secret that can elevate your viewing experience to new heights. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll unveil the codes that grant you access, step by step.

Mitsubishi TV Service Menu Codes

Unlocking the Mitsubishi TV Service Menu is simpler than you might think. By following the correct code sequences, you can unveil a hidden world of adjustments and settings that can enhance your TV experience. Let’s dive in:

  1. Menu + 0 3 5 3: Begin your journey by pressing the “Menu” button, followed by the sequence “0 3 5 3.” This combination is your key to accessing the service mode.
  2. Menu + 0 1 5 7: Another pathway to unlocking the service menu is by pressing “Menu,” and then entering “0 1 5 7.” This sequence holds the potential to reveal advanced settings that you might not have known existed.
  3. Menu + 0 3 5 7: Navigate further by entering “0 3 5 7” after pressing the “Menu” button. You’ll be surprised at the range of adjustments you can make once you’re inside the service mode.
  4. Menu + 8 2 5 7: Ready for more? Try the sequence “8 2 5 7” after hitting the “Menu” button. This code combination holds the key to unlocking advanced options that can fine-tune your TV settings.
  5. Menu + 2 4 5 7: Enhance your exploration by pressing “Menu” followed by “2 4 5 7.” These numbers are your gateway to the world of advanced controls within your Mitsubishi TV.
  6. Menu + 2 3 5 8: Immerse yourself in your TV’s service mode by pressing “Menu” and then inputting “2 3 5 8.” Prepare to discover settings that can elevate your viewing experience.
  7. Menu + 2 3 5 7: Continue your journey by entering “2 3 5 7” after pressing the “Menu” button. Uncover a realm of possibilities you never knew existed.
  8. Menu + 2 3 5 6: Delve deeper into the service mode by pressing “Menu” and inputting “2 3 5 6.” Brace yourself for advanced adjustments that can cater to your preferences.
  9. Menu + 1 3 7 0: Discover the potential of your Mitsubishi TV by pressing “Menu” and entering “1 3 7 0.” These codes open doors to settings that can transform your viewing environment.
  10. Menu + 1 2 5 9: As you press “Menu” and input “1 2 5 9,” you’ll unveil another layer of advanced options that can enhance your TV’s performance.
  11. Menu + 1 2 5 7: Lastly, complete your journey by pressing “Menu” and entering “1 2 5 7.” The service menu will welcome you with settings that you can customize to your liking.


The Mitsubishi TV Service Menu isn’t just a secret vault of codes; it’s a portal to a realm of advanced settings. Once you’ve unlocked it using the codes above, you’ll find yourself amidst a variety of options that let you fine-tune picture quality, audio settings, and more. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast seeking perfection or simply want to adjust your TV for optimal performance, this service menu offers a range of possibilities to explore.

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